Week 12 Blog

Just four weeks until the end of the semester. In the beginning it seemed so slow. Little did we know how fast it would end up seeming. Week 12 was more of a relaxed week that came and went really fast. Being in quarantine dates and days of the week tend to blend together and get lost. Time is a struggling concept and it seems so for everyone. School has begun to seem “optional” to some people, even I have found my self feeling that assignments and school are not required since moving to online classes. Nonetheless, I have done my best to stick with the school schedule to keep up with the work demand.

Digital studies were much more relaxed this week since the project we turned in last week came to an end. This week in digital studies we started on the Monday Twitch stream by listening to an introduction to the Methodology project, which is the next big assignment that is due. Then on Wednesday and Friday two of the possible modules to choose from were more thoroughly introduced. Wednesday was an in-depth introduction to the “Text Analysis” module, and Friday was similar except with the “Digital Journalism” module. So, far for my module these two don’t seem to be selections I’m particularly interested in completing. However, the “Mapping” module has peaked my interest quite a bit. Last semester I took “Introduction to GIS” as one of my classes, and geography is my declared major. Therefore, this module seems like one I could put use to some of the new skills that I had picked up in that class. These were really the only things discussed, as entering a new project takes slow and steadiness.

Over the weekend my plan is to continue thinking about the Methodology project. By the end of Monday my plan is to have picked a project and set a goal for completing the project. However, I also plan on taking a much deserved break from school work to just relax and recharge for the next week.