Week 11 Blog

Reflecting upon the second week of online classes is interesting. Everything is starting to feel like a new normal. New routes are getting into place, and much more family time has taken place. The new routine basically consists of waking up and having some alone time with my new puppy. After that its zoom and attending online classes till noon. Lunchtime comes around which gives me an hour to eat food, relax, play games, and walk the dog. Once the hour is up its back to work until four or five at night. Finally, wraping up the day with dinner, family games or movies, and online gaming with friends on discord.

The second week of digital studies was a much more relaxed week since I was more prepared for class. During the whole week, my focus was on the digital archaeology project, plan B. Spending time taking part in research and pulling together information about the lived history of my old Samsung Intensity phone. After much searching for information and working on the timeline. On Friday of this week was when the project was concluded, perfected and completed.

During the online twitch class on Monday and Wednesday this week we took a peek at the disposal of technology. We watched videos that gave an insight into workers in other countries harvesting materials from “recycled” devices. Some of the devices we saw included: refrigerators, computer monitors, TVs, cables, and so much more. The materials that people risk endangering their health and their environment to retrieve from tearing these devices apart are for metals and coppers that are sold back to developed countries to be repurposed. Some of these conditions were pretty startling, as many of the workers were using poor protection from hazardous inks, mercury, glass, and eclectic materials that can hurt people, animals, and the environment that were seen in the videos that we had discussions on during class which completed our week.