Methodology Module – Goals

Selecting a module topic for this project was quite simple. Mapping was the for sure choice when I came across the selection.

Why is this? As part of my studies at the University of Mary Washington, one of my major studies is in Geography. Though I am not amazing and know it all, some proficiency allows me to move about the courses and I enjoy learning about the world. Also, map-making is pretty cool and in my opinion a form of art. Last semester one of the courses, introduction to GIS (geographic information systems) took me through some of the basic and less basic ropes of map-making. That is when I learned that it takes an artist to create a map even an online one.

For this project, I decided that a story map would be the ideal creation for me to make. Story mapping was one of the greater parts of my GIS class and I would like to expand and practice upon that learning. The final project for that class consisted of an entire map of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks and WDW resorts. It turned out great though, there was much more that I would have liked to come of the project. Unfortunately, time became my enemy.

So for this story map, I would like to create a new story map project using the data that was collected to expand on the story. My goal for this project is to make a story map of the Magic Kingdom. I would like for the history and the magic of the land and its attractions to be revealed. This way others can see what the story of the Magic Kingdom really is magical, even for adults. Not by fairy tales but by the boundaries that were pushed to create a living fairy tale story for all the world to escape away.