Digital Archaeology, Plan B

This project has taken many changes and turns over the past month. In the beginning, this project was assigned as a group project. In this project, we were to be completing research on a device, ours was to be an old windows laptop. Which we were then to deconstruct to discover the origin of different parts. However, due to the Coronavirus and the switch to online learning, this has changed.

Lived History

As a second plan for this project, we were given a few different options to approach at home. It took some time to consider, in the end completing a lived hisory timeline of my very first phone seemed to be the right way to go. This phone keeps a special place in my heart and to this day is still my favorite phone. It was small, easy to use, and basically indestructible, plus it was fun to slide the phone open to the keyboard in fancy ways.

The body of this assignment was basically a “story” of 10 major events that happened during my Samsung Intensity’s used history. In the timeline I included specific dates and placed of all of these events. Along with this information, I also added a brief text describing the situation my phone went through.

The most difficult part about this assignment was remembering certain events that happened to my phone. Since I had gotten my phone in the fifth grade, over 10 years ago, it was difficult to recall. Overcoming this problem was as simple as pulling up some old calendars and retracing some old memories. Once I becoming familiar with several events it was then important for me to pick out the exact dates of their occurrence and their importance in order or this assignment to work. Finding the dates to these events was the easiest part though since I had calendars kept of some of these events. Other events I remembered so well that I could recall the date and everything that happened to the T.

In conclusion to this assignment, I enjoyed recalling and creating a timeline for. my phones perspective. This was a much older phone though it doesn’t seem like it has been that long of a time.