Digital Privacy Reflection

Digital privacy is very important so after some time research about the topic, and discussions. I have taken an approach as a product of my research of this module to create some protection of my self and my accounts without going dark.

As I was learning and discussing with other peers about the safety and privacy of the digital world it was interesting. It was interesting to realize that people really don’t understand social media, the internet and how it all works together. One thing was things about Facebook using data from other sites to provide personal sponsored content to its users. There is no control over it, its just the connections of the black box that the internet has created of people.

The Science of Building the Perfect Sandcastle

When thinking about a “data shadow” while doing some reading the internet and peoples data started to look like the beach setting. The internet is a place to explore and create. At the beach the sand is a place to build sand castles or giant sand ditch. And many people come by and might like or dislike it. Some beach trolls might “delete” or destroy your creations. The foot prints left on the beach are the same footprints users leave behind on the internet. People can track were others have been the most and where the most popular locations are. These can all help workers, like ones that work for Facebook, to tally places where people will possibly buy into some desires. Selling beach towels, surfboards, and providing umbrellas to popular sections of the beach; maybe even fun beach toys to kid friendly sections, or alcohol for adult friendly sections is common. And on the internet it is really no different when a user buys or looks up something on YouTube or any other site then finds an ad marketing an item that the user “might” be interested in.

Increasing the safety of my digital accounts was the outcome of this module. Therefore, I started by using a website to lock down my digital identity. Luckily there wasn’t anything that came up that people could easily find me. However, is till went through my accounts to see that everything was clean and as private as it could be. Next, in order to secure my accounts, I secured my accounts by creating a password manager and beginning to change passwords to old accounts to something more complex. The goal it to eventually insure that each of my passwords and accounts different and unique.