Culture Module: Digital Privacy

As our digital world grows more each day, so do our digital profile and digital footprints. People posting blogs, videos, comments for friends or the whole internet public to like, comment, and even interact with. It can be fun and a great way to express one’s self to friends and the entire public. This is why it is important to have digital privacy to protect individual identities and accounts. Protecting accounts and from posts that are purposeful will help save people from being tracked by our digital footprint to personal information, even when it is not posted. Such as social media logging their users’ locations.

These reasons and more are why I will be taking a rain check on my own digital footprint. This is intended to clean out and locking down all websites and social media that have public access. Second of all, creating a password manager to have a differentiation between my passwords and to better protect them in order to conceal my web accounts.