The Art of the Animated GIF -Final Blog-

During this two week exploration of the “The Art of the Animated GIF” I learned some new basic information about GIFs and how to create them. GIFs can be used for memes, but they can also be used in a loop to create a mood or setting. The whole picture could be in interaction or just the subject of the piece could be moving. The way it moves is based on the purpose and how the creator imagines it to be. In the present day, a GIF can be pretty simple to create and format. This is due to the fact of the vast amount of generators that help with the process. One way of using these is by using a series of pictures put together forming a moving clip. I enjoyed learning about this because it was like getting a taste of how real animation is made for movies, like Disney Animations. Another way to create a GIF is by using a video and trimming it and slapping on a meme to it. This is different from a normal video, for it is short a will keep looping forever. Below is the GIF that I created using the second format. Dog memes with dog language are a big hit right now. So that was my inspiration for my GIF.