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My name is Brittany Coffman, a junior attending school at the University of Mary Washington. Here I am studying geography as a major, as well as being enrolled in the elementary education program. Teaching children from kindergarten, first, or second grade is my career goal. Young children bring lots of joy and warmth when guiding them through each of their growth and developments. Also, activities such as drawing, crafts, reading and exploring interesting topics are all parts for wanting to teach elementary students.

“With Bubbles” has become the domain name for the website, because my nickname that most people call me by is ‘Bubbles.’ So it seemed fitting to make that part of the website name. The ‘with’ in the title just indicates that this is site is spoken from and about myself or my own experiences. I used a blog like theming for this site to start out with so it would be simple to look at, and WordPress was used to kindle the theming from their selections.

There are several ideas that could become of this website. The top two have to do with things that define me. First, I could turn this into a blog site about something involving nut allergies. Having this severe allergy for my whole life has brought challenges, but has also made me knowledgeable. So having a place to bring awareness or help others who just learned about someone with an allergy would be cool. This could also become a site where I begin making a teacher profile for my future classroom. Many teachers are using websites filled with information about the class/teacher, extra resources, books, games, and more. Constructing something like this now would be useful.

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